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Purpose of the Symposium

The main purpose of the 1st International Symposium of Urban and Regional Development is to develop new policies within the framework of the new regionalism approach to eliminate cause-effect indexed macro problems such as income distribution imbalance between regions, migration, unemployment and poverty, as well as to make innovative initiatives and to discuss regional development models and the new regionalism approach on a scientific basis.

In this context, primarily economic, political, administrative effects and results; Definitions of City and Region, Urban and Regional Planning, Development Models, Globalization and Regional Phenomenon, Regionalization Trends, Development Dynamics, Sustainable Development, Green Development, New Regionalism, Migration Phenomenon, Learning Region, Urban Identity, Poverty, Comparative Regional Analyzes, Regional Inequality, Interregional Imbalance, Spatial Polarization and Location Mobility, Tourism etc. Participation in studies on the subject is expected.

Papers other than the determined topics, but appropriate to the title of the symposium, will also be accepted for evaluation.

Organized for the first time, the International Symposium of Urban and Regional Development will be hosted by Dicle University.

Within the scope of the multidisciplinary symposium, the papers presented by the participants will be published in an electronic environment and in an appropriate format.

Within the scope of the Symposium Social Program, the excursions and catering activities to be organized for the participants will contribute to the promotion of our city as well as being a means of meeting scientists, establishing professional communication and academic cooperation.